In My Daughter's Eyes

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I attended a Blogger conference recently and one of the presenters cited the following quote: 

"Live as the woman you'd like your daughter to become"

As strong and as confident I thought I was, there are situations and scenarios where I've found myself having the internal negative talk.  And if you're not aware, that behavior can be paralyzing, damaging, and quite frankly kill dreams.  In that moment, I was reminded and forced to face that I have:

  • Often place myself last,
  • Taken on a lot (without asking for help),
  • Deferred my goals and plans for the sake of others, and
  • Shamefully shrunk to make other people comfortable  

How much does that suck!?  I had to give myself a moment to receive it, accept it, and own that I have behaved in such a way that I would cringe if I witnessed my daughter doing the same.  This was an aha moment.  If I were a fan of tattoos, I think I would get this quote somewhere on my body...I find it that significant!

I find it funny and eye-opening that I write my daughter letters/short notes with messages for her to read and absorb when she gets older.  There are letters that talk about her milestones achieved, how much she's enriched my life, and how much she's loved.  As she gets older, my letters begin to share words of encouragement, with the same intention as the quote I mentioned above and what it has done for me.

Like most Moms, I make a huge impression on my daughter.  She watches me, even during the times I think she isn't watching.  I am her first example, and heavily influence how she views herself.  How important is it for her to see her Mom be secure, stand tall, conquer, and be herself with no apologies! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete wuss.  I have my moments of weakness, but it takes something to jolt me from time to time.  This quote really helped me regain focus.

Thank God that with each day I awake, I get a chance at a restart.  For me, I'm shifting how I treat me beginning with the following:

  1. Stop apologizing so much.
  2. Stop weighing myself daily.
  3. Go to sleep by 10p nightly.
  4. Walk 30m daily (minimum 4x/week).

For many, this may not seem too bad, but for me I think it'll help me balance my life a little better.  And we all know, when Mommy is happy, everyone is happy!  Being happy with me inside out will serve as the best example for my daughter than anything else.
Can you relate?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I am reading your Tuesday Ten and I'm really enjoying all of your posts! I need to make a list like you have above and #4 needs to be on it for sure!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I think I will be able to accomplish #4 during Walktober…I'm looking forward to the challenge!

      I appreciate the visit :-)



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