Tuesday Ten: 9.23.2014 Random Thoughts

This edition of my Tuesday Ten captures my random thoughts over the past few weeks.  Some of them I find extremely hilarious and others are just, well…random!  Enjoy…

  • Ever since the release and installation of the new IOS 8, my husband has sent all of his text messages as audio.  Unfortunately, I can't return the favor.  Why? See my next bullet.

  • I still have the iPhone 4 … yep!

  • In support of my daughter's cheer squad (fundraiser), I went to Chipotle for the first time!  It gets a lot of hype and now I know why!!! #LuvIt 

  • New rule in our house: if there is less than a full serving for the next person to enjoy, just eat it … leaving ~1tbsp of macaroni pasta is very upsetting! #LeftOvers

  • Trying really hard to understand Google Plus … btw, follow my page here --> Google+;

  • 3rd Grade … we're in the vortex! What do I mean, take a read >>> 3rd Grade Math!

  • My better 1/2 cracks me up…our employers recognize milestone work anniversaries which include selecting a gift from a catalog. I chose to select a gift that is practical and will aid in our daughter's growth…I opted to get a Globe. The hubby opted to get himself a nice pair of Oakley sunglasses!  feeling amused.

  • I get bummed out when Moms say they support one another, but really do not.  Recently, I had another Mom tell me that my life is "...much, much easier because you only have one child…" (vs. her two).  I never understand why someone would try to minimize my role as Mom because of having only one child?!

Can you relate to any of these?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I came here from SITS Girls Saturday Sharefest. I've really enjoyed this post and all the other posts that it took me too. Just subscribed to your blog so I don't lose it!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I appreciate the visit :-)



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