Friday Frame: 09.12.2014 School Days

digital camera image of kids, school days

I was SO excited to receive a DSLR camera as a birthday gift from the hubby!  These types of cameras entered into my consciousness as I began to follow a few crafters and began to Pin cards they made noticing the quality of the pictures.  I also noticed that a couple of my Mommy friends carried around their DSLR and ultimately posted really crisp and clear action pictures on their Facebook pages.  As a blogger, I'm certainly evolving and learning more about the business of blogging…it certainly includes good pictures.

What is DSLR?  So often I heard the term, but never knew what the acronym meant.  A Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is a digital camera combining the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film.  Huh?!  I admit, I had to do more research online, as well as read through my camera's manual to understand the nomenclature.

I've always taken pictures using my iPhone or compact digital camera, and up until now, I thought I was taking good pictures.  When I began to look into types of cameras, my interests went with brand familiarity.  Because I am a newbie, we decided on the Canon EOS Rebel T3.  As I discover the versatility of my DSLR, I'm learning more about lighting, aperture, RAW vs. JPG, shutter speed, megapixels, and more.  I certainly have a new found appreciation and respect for Photography!

digital camera image of kids, school daysdigital camera image of kids, school days

digital camera image of kids, school days

On my blog, you'll begin to see the great pictures I take when I share them using my new category called: Friday Frame.  I'm excited to see how it'll evolve and hope you'll enjoy!

Do you have a DSLR camera…if so, how long have you had it?  What brand is it?  Please share any tips and/or resources that you think will help me out…I'm truly a newbie!!!

Thanks for reading!

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