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close up on walker's feetAs October approaches, are you ready to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler temperatures?  I certainly am looking forward to it.  For the first time this year, I am going to participate in a Walktober challenge.  What is this catchy phrase you ask?

Well, since October is National Walking Month, Walktober is a month long challenge encouraging people to make walking a priority. While promoting steps to better health, it gives you the inspiration (and reason) to not only walk, but to get outdoors and enjoy the weather.

I've seen a few challenges online, all of them sharing the same goal…to get active and walk.  The challenge I'm participating in is a wellness workplace challenge.  We track the number of minutes walked daily; and we are given an optional task to complete that day.  For example, a task for the day may be to take the stairs all day.

Image of Walktober
Beginning October 1st, I'll track my progress on my Walktober calendar as well as document it here on my blog.  I think it'll be fun and will get me moving more frequently.  My goal is to walk every day…during October!  I've chosen not to think too far beyond this first goal.  I'll focus my energy on completing this challenge - successfully!  Wish me luck and check back weekly to see how I'm doing.  I'd love any encouragement and positive vibes sent my way…thanks in advance!

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  1. My daily step goal is 10,000 and lately I've only been getting just over 5,000 steps. I think Walktober is a great way to get my butt in gear. I work in a cubicle so it can be difficult to stay active during the day. I look forward to seeing how you do with the challenge. As they say in the movie The Waterboy, "you can do eet!"

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Nicole! I am really going to give it all I got!


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