Friday Frame: 10.10.2014 Go Ravens

Ravens Cheerleader pic

In light of the controversy surrounding the Ravens, I thought I'd try to display a different side.  In our community, we have a sports club with both football and cheer programs.  These programs are designed to build pride and excellence in our youth by teaching team work and responsibility as seen in its mission statement.  It's run by a number of hardworking volunteers dedicating their time in support of its mission serving today's children who will be tomorrow's leaders.

Our daughter has participated in the cheer program for 3 years.  Although there are days when it's really cold outdoors, she loves to cheer and support her squad and her football team.  This year she's on the Ravens, which makes it even more special to her Dad because he favors the Pro team…and he's rooted in the home town of Baltimore!

This week's Friday Frame captures the little one in her uniform.  Personally I love the Ravens' colors and thought I did a good job with my central focus.  I have since learned that if I wanted to remove the minor shadow off of her face, I should have used the flash.  Yes, you can use the flash outdoors…who knew!?  I'm learning a lot with my DSLR.

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