Scraptober Fest

Each year I'm getting better at preparing and organizing for scrapbook crops.  It's a fun day full of creativity and fills my spirit.  It's less than a week away, and for this year's event, I think I've planned pretty well. 

Aside from getting time carved out for crafting, what I like most about crops are: socializing, eating, raffles, and purchasing more tools and/or supplies…there's always time to visit the vendors ;-) However, in order for me to enjoy this experience it starts with preparation.  A few of the things on my list include: 
  • Determine pages and/or cards I'll make (ex. birthday, seasonal, etc.)
  • Organize all of my tools and supplies I'll need…of course it'll include the basics: adhesives, scissors, trimmer, page kits, and embellishments
  • Plan execution (assembly of page or card)
  • Don't forget the camera
polaroid of scraptober

As you'll notice, the list is handwritten and highlighted.  I try to organize it in a way where I can begin to pack it in my craft bag.  Since my travels will be a little lengthy, I'm trying to stick with just the one craft bag and one bag of luggage.  I don't think that will be much of a problem since I'm focusing on card making this crop...I won't have to carry my cricut and cartridges.

I look forward to crops and spending time with women that have a love for it too.  Not only that, we laugh, talk, eat, take pictures, enter raffles, buy more craft supplies and tools all while having a great time.  My plans are to share a few pictures of the event coupled with finished results of the cards I made.  Stay tuned...  

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