Music by Kem (and the Forever Charlie Tour) 2015

Music By Kem stage setupSomething's happening…the girl I use to be, she's gone.  She gave up her life, so I could go on…can you tell, I've been listening to Kem lately?

As I get back into the joy of blogging, I thought I'd share that we recently attended a concert where Kem, along with Joe (Thomas) and the headliner [Uncle] Charlie Wilson performed on the #ForeverCharlieTour.  It was definitely a great night, not only because of the musical talent we witnessed/enjoyed, but because it was our date night.  From the day we purchased tickets, I looked forward to a night out with the hubby.  He knows how much of a fan I am of Kem and his music…plus, it puts me in a very loving mood (as great music often does).  

Listening to Kem's lyrics always gets me thinking and often is a navigator through my own stories of romance.  I think that's one of the reasons I gravitate to and a fan of his music.  Have you ever felt that when you hear a song?  Great musicians, like Kem, produce a sound and write lyrics that spark intense emotion…and in my experience, it never fails.  

Kem is definitely #myfav and most certainly takes over on my "Unabashed Romantic" playlist.  It was nice to hear his popular songs, "Why Would You Stay", "Share My Life" and "Find Your Way" to name a few.  He engaged the audience and sounded smooth.  I always enjoy the slightly modified arrangement of his songs, without it losing the essence of the sound you hear on the album.  Not to mention, he is such a professional and navigates that stage like nobody's business!  If you ever have a chance to see him live, go and experience #MusicByKem…he will not disappoint!

It would be very remiss of me if I didn't mention that both Joe and Uncle Charlie were fantastic as well.  Especially when Uncle Charlie performed a few of his hits from his days in the Gap Band.  It definitely turned into a dance party reigniting all of the feelings and memories from the first time we heard those songs.  And Joe, I'd never seen him perform live before, but he sounds great…and is as handsome as ever…he's one of those people that ages very well.  

Overall, all of these gentlemen are talented musicians and artists with a sound that puts you in a great mood!  The entire show was worth the money and enhanced our date night greatly!  

Here are a few clips I was able to capture…let me know what you think...enjoy!:

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