Bathroom Makeover, My DIY

My daughter is visiting her grandparents for a few weeks.  Normally, that would mean free time, right?  Well, for me, not quite.  I decided to use that time to pull off a pretty neat DIY project.  Though I have many on my list, I chose our master bathroom makeover.  After dedicating a full Saturday, followed by a few hours a day the following week, our bathroom makeover is nearly complete.

    I love the results!!! For this first phase of my bathroom makeover, here's what it took for me to achieve this look:

    • Paint color for the walls (and ceiling)…it immediately gave the bathroom a fresh look, especially after the 2nd coat.  How much do I love the stripes?!?! 

    • Stain...gave a facelift to those builder grade cabinets.  After sanding the cabinets to rough them up, 3 coats of stain and 2 coats of top coat, our cabinets have life!!!

    • Caulk - redo caulk (sink, bathtub, and shower stall)…as good a time as any.
    • Deep clean…this was a perfect opportunity to not only clean top/bottom, but to clear out the clutter and reorganize.
    • Decor…while we reused our mirrors, lighting and a couple of paintings, as part of our next phase, we'll probably update those.  We'll also replace the faucets and wall plates to compliment both the cabinets and the new wall color.   

    It's a short list, but took a lot of work.  I'd say not only were my physical muscles required to complete the project, my project management skills definitely aided in the end result.  A lot of this effort began with preparation and organization.  Even though I had 2 meltdowns resulting in tears, overall, I took my time and followed the plan.  In the end, we have a bathroom that rocks!!!  

    What do you think?

    Thanks for reading!

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