Shades of Grey

Wow!  We're in our final weeks of September and before you know it, 2016 will be upon us.  I have to say, this year, especially over the Summer, I've really been laser focused on being still.  For me, what that means is taking a step back to listen to my inner voice and allow it to direct me.  

As I mature, I've been able to appreciate my inner voice - although I have to admit, being a logical person the internal conflict is real.  Organizing my thoughts to continue blogging, shifting my business model to develop a business, contemplating a career shift in my organization, all while striving to be a better wife and Mom…it can all get overwhelming.  So much so, earlier this year I couldn't fully enjoy a big win.  Our Corporate Enterprise Architect publicly gave me kudos (included a write-up to our Chief Technical Officer) for my data management plan for a large project with a high-level of visibility I supported.  In that moment of excitement, I couldn't help but feel awful that during the previous two weeks my family had take-out for dinner.  I felt like I fell short...~sigh~ 

Then, my internal voice says, "Hey!  You and hubby have celebrated 20 years of marriage and still work as a unit.  Your daughter is healthy, happy, and a joy - btw, she was on the honor roll (all year) and is growing into a beautiful young lady…knock it off!"    

I have managed not to beat myself up too much, which is a sign of growth.  Based on what I know and am willing to change, I am doing my best…am I?  Hence, my reasoning for being still.  I'm listening, being mindful, in prayer, all while working to be present.  More to come...

Does this sound familiar to you?  

Thanks for reading!

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