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As a blogger, I take a lot of pictures all year 'round.  Whether it's using my iPhone or my DSLR, I'm capturing many moments in time.  It not only makes for great scrapbook pages and blog posts, but it reminds me of the good I truly have in my life.  Not to mention, it's fun...

An extension of the fun I have taking #pics, includes participating in a photo challenge.  While I've participated in challenges in the past, I invite you to join me as I host a '12 Days of Christmas' photo challenge:

  • Me (Danielle) ... how excited am I to host this challenge, for the first time too - woohoo!!!

  • A photo challenge capturing pictures during the month of December for 12 days.  The theme surrounds the season of Christmas where you're given prompts for the type of photo to capture/post each day.


  • I think capturing memories during this holiday season encourages us to be more mindful and present.  Most importantly, it's fun to do and later look at memories you've created.

  • The challenge starts 2 December - 24 December 2015.  

Join the Challenge
  • Visit bit.ly/COLphotochallenge15 to subscribe for the challenge
  • Follow me:
  • Beginning on 2 December, using the prompt for the day, post a picture on Instagram (Pinterest, Facebook, and/or Twitter).
    • Don't forget to use #COLphotochallenge on each post ... this enables me to find and keep track of all the images people are posting.

That's it!  It really is a lot of fun.  If you're joining in, here are a few things to note before you start:
  • Have fun...don't be intimidated by this being a 'challenge' ... if you can participate all 12 days, great!  If not, no worries, post on the days that work best for you!
  • You do not have to be a professional photographer, however, if you are - that's ok too!
  • Any kind of camera works...I'll be using my iPhone and my DSLR.
  • Use the hashtag #COLphotochallenge ... I will post my pictures on Instagram, linking to my other social networks.
  • Set yourself a reminder!  If it makes it easier, print image below.
Img 2 Photo Challenge

I look forward to sharing my photos with you, and can't wait to see yours as well.

Thanks for reading!

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