Tuesday Ten 11.17.2015: What to Look Forward to Now that Your Daughter is Turning Ten

Our child's most recent birthday marked the age of double digits!  This is a significant milestone I found myself thinking about, wondering how quickly it felt that we're now staring into the tween years. What once seemed so far in our future, has now entered into our present.  As the kid is ecstatic to leave behind the single digit birthdays, her parents (specifically me) experience thoughts of her first day home.  

For Desirae, reaching 10 years old not only represented a step towards being an adult, but it also brought excitement as she enters this new phase with higher expectations and a greater thirst for independence/responsibility.  As for me, while I'm excited and grateful that she's developing and growing, I just can't help but feel a need to exhale in the world of motherhood.  Does that ever happen?!

As I transfer into this new phase of parenting, I've learned a lot [thus far].  Parenthood is different for each of us, yet we share many of the same experiences.  With that said, for those of you nearing the double digits, hopefully you can pull something from what I'm about to share.  For those that have already treaded these waters, show some love with a comment below.  

Here are Ten Things to Look Forward to by the Time Your Daughter Turns Ten:
  1. The Talk - I don't mean the daytime talk show on CBS.  At this age, it was important for our daughter to know about her body (changes).  Our pediatrician recommended a book, "The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls" to aid in our discussion.  I've found it to be a great resource for not only our daughter, but for us as well.
  2. Emotion - feelings sometimes overtakes us and as a woman, I know the importance of understanding our own emotions and dealing with them effectively.  For the 2nd year in a row, my daughter's cheer squad took 1st, bringing home the championship for our team.  Although this year, when our team was announced as the champs, most of the girls were crying.  This was most certainly a different emotion displayed than last year, and caught most of us off guard.  
  3. Real Asks - my daughter has asked for a dog.  While I'm aware that this is a desire of a lot of children, she's made it her mission to keep it in our consciousness.  Here, she's showing me how she'd walk her dog if she had a real one ---> DanielleASB (Instagram).
  4. Outgrowing Children's Place - yes, we're headed into Jr. sizes which means heading to the tween clothing stores.
  5. Exploring Different Hairstyles - we have extended her hair care to a professional stylist at a salon.  With that comes the desire to try new styles, including the use of a flat iron.  
  6. Cooking Simple Meals - I always have a helper in the kitchen and her interests are expanding. I find it a relief in those times when I respond with, "…yes, make yourself a sandwich."  Like most kids, she's mastered toast and a bowl of cereal.  She also has learned to make egg salad, soups (heating up out of the can), macaroni/cheese and tuna salad.  I still like to be around when she's baking in the oven (ex. cookies), but she definitely can prepare everything up to that point.
  7. Shift in TV Show Interests - gone are the days filled with Dora, Super Why, Word World, and Mickey (unless we're at Disney World).  Occasionally we'd stop on an episode of Sesame Street, but not often.  We've most certainly transitioned to tween shows (ex. KC Undercover, Jessie, Liv & Maddie ).
  8. Recycling Your Own Words - that moment when my daughter says, "Mommy, you shouldn't eat out of the bag…take a serving and you can come back for more…"  While this gave me pause, I sure did put down the bag of Tostitos.  I came into the realization that my kid really is listening to me. 
  9. Love of the Selfie Stick - do I need to explain any further?!  
  10. Seeking more independence - this is always hard for me, as probably with most parents, right?  I try really hard to encourage and support, but those times when she needs me, I have to admit, I relish in it…as I know it will quickly fade.  
If I had more time I could offer more examples.  But in the interest of keeping this a blog post (vs. a book), I'll end it here.  I welcome you to share any of your 'things' you've learned, to date, in this parenting space.  Sharing is caring!

Thanks for reading!

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