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There are times I yearn for that darn clock to slow down [just a little]. As I try to balance life, I work hard to make sure that the priority includes being present and enjoying this little person in my life. While I'm not perfect in this area, I have learned to recognize and believe that I am doing this successfully more times than not…making adjustments to improve.  

Birthday Present Img

We're in the year of the double-digits and this year we're celebrating our daughter during her Art Theme birthday party.  Different than previous years, we had the party outside of our home with more guests.  To my surprise, I found this year's party a little easier for me.  Here a few of the memories I captured:

I think the easel party favor turned out great and is SUPER cute!  I find that cake pops are easier to transport, especially if the guest would like to take their cake pop home.  The candy covered cookies were a big hit!  And have you ever wondered what to do with those leftover cake bites?! 

Easel party favor image
Easel Party Favor

Rainbow color cake pops
Cake Pops

Candy Covered Oreos image
Candy Covered Cookies

cake bite emoticon smiley face
Left over cake bites always makes me SMILE!

Art Studio
The kids get to see a close-up view of the Art Instructor's painting using the projector and microphone to offer the children guidance.  My daughter chose for the painting activity be a portrait of OLAF from FROZEN.  

pic of art instructor

art party table decor
Table Decor

Birthday Girl
Needless to say, the Birthday Girl and her friends had a great time!  For me, it was nice to leave the activity in the hands of the Art Instructor and observe.  And, as a scrapbooker, I have plenty of colorful pics for a couple of pages.  

Easel pic of birthday girl

easel pic of birthday girl 2

birthday girl artwork finale
Happy Birthday Desi!!!

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If you have an Art Studio in your area, I'd recommend checking to see what type of party packages they offer.  For me, I found this to be a great idea, and it kept a lot of the workload off of me and the birthday girl enjoyed it!  

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