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As part of my daughter's birthday celebration weekend, we dedicated time to see, 'The Peanuts Movie' by Schulz.  Happily, my daughter looked forward to taking in this movie on an early Sunday morning (10:15 a showing).  Sidenote: It always amazes me how most of us overlook the time of day when we're in line getting our popcorn, candy, and drink for a movie in the theatre…hmmm.  Anyway, while we didn't take advantage of viewing it in 3D, the movie was enjoyable for both kids and parents alike.

Growing up, I watched the Charlie Brown television shows that came on during the holiday season. Today, my daughter still gets to enjoy those same television programs, including this nostalgia driven Peanuts Movie.  Surrounding the main character Charlie Brown, he is once again faced with trying his very best to accomplish acceptance with determination and hope, amid a lack of confidence.  With his optimism, we see Charlie Brown accomplish a winning hero's story we might all wish to achieve.  At the same time, Snoopy encounters his own battle [described on The Peanuts Movie website] with his arch nemesis the Red Baron.  

Charlie Brown experiences happy moments that surprises us all…right?!  Will he finally get to kick that football?  Well, you'll have to go watch the movie to see for yourself.  It's a great story, a feel good movie and very much entertaining for all.  

Did you see the movie?  If so, what did you think?

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