Wall of Gratitude [Happy Thanksgiving!]

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, many of us remind ourselves to assess what we are thankful for in our lives?  Sharing the same sentiment, our local station, WUSA 9 network, is ran a Wall of Gratitude campaign, enabling their viewers to share [via social media] what they are grateful for.  As I read through the messages on the wall, I'm reminded of the importance to create a life of meaning.  This includes, being present in your life, working in your passion and purpose, and most importantly recognizing that God, family and friends are everything!

If you'd like to see what people have shared, check out the Wall of Gratitude.  What are you grateful for?

Sidebar: For our card makers, hopefully this card inspires you for next year's Thanksgiving card idea.  

pic of thanksgiving card

pic of thanksgiving card

Wishing you a very #HappyThanksgiving !!!

Thanks for reading!

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