Creative Crafty and Affordable Teacher Gift Idea

Hey, I hope all is well!  Today, I'm sounding off on a creative, crafty and affordable Teacher gift.  As a parent, I'm very fortunate and lucky to have had really good educators in my daughter's life.  These Teachers are dedicated, caring, professional and quite good at what they do.  They've also have had a profound impact on my daughter, influencing her love to learn.
When getting gifts for Teachers, I've always tried to get something practical and useful.  I make an effort to learn a little about them during the open house and subsequent school activities / events throughout the school year.  I also encourage the kid to make observations on things the Teacher likes (ex. favorite color, favorite animals, loves to drink coffee).

Keeping in alignment with the trend, we all know gift cards are practical.  Last Christmas when I received a gift card to JoAnn Fabric, I couldn't wait to buy new inks and paper for my scrapbook and card making.  Paired with the gift card to a favorite place they visit, I made these note card sets with different sentiments.  

The card design is a lot simpler than prior sets I've made over the years.  I find them to be really cute, and they'll do the job when they are ready to send that special someone a note.  

The overarching design elements are geometric shape embossing with distressed ink.  The solid twine embellishment adds to this retro - sleek look.  I love the way they came out.

What do you think? 

Thanks for reading!

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