Tuesday Ten 12.29.2015: What I'm Doing in 2016

As a Wife, a Mom, a Blogger, and Entrepreneur, there are a few milestones I'd like to meet in 2016. Like many of you, I have plans that I'm organizing and firming up for later in the year, while others are ready to start on January 1st. Here are Ten Things I'm Doing in 2016:


  • Time for me - in 2015, I really began to learn how to breathe.  There were a few times where I took cues from that inner voice.  It enabled me to hear truth...it allowed me to pause...and reminded me that I matter.  I'm definitely taking this into 2016.
  • Delegate - this may come in the form of a VA?  I am one of those people that find it difficult to give up control.  But, if I want to elevate, I have to ask [and receive] help.


  • Minimize my distractions - this is applicable as both a Wife and Mom. Here, I'm going to continue to be present when I'm with the hubby.  How?  For me, and probably for a lot of us, this means turning off my phone.  Ok, well at a minimum turn it on silent mode or do not disturb while we're on a date, etc. 


  • Love Notes - that moment when my daughter asked me why I no longer left notes in her lunch bag, it nearly broke my heart.  I didn't realize how much she really enjoyed them.  This is also a top priority for me in 2016.

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  • Eat the frog - for those of you that are familiar with this concept (quote by Mark Twain), you know it means that procrastination is taking a backseat in 2016.  Those tasks that I've put off for so long, whether it was due to fear or insecurity, I'm just doing it.  As a blogger, my most important priority is the next bullet below.
  • Migrate my blog to a different platform - while I like my design of my blog, with self-hosting, I want to move off of Blogger.  Most of the design and changes on the blog have been made by myself alone.  However, I'm dedicating funds to consult with a web designer to help me with the transition.
  • Enhance my photographs - I've been more conscious of taking better pictures for quite some time.  If I must say so myself, I can see an improvement.  The hubby bought me a Soft Light Box for my table top pictures...and I love it!  Here is a photo I took using my new toy:
  • Resurgence of SWAV post content. I already have someone for the 1st quarter of 2016.
  • Increase the use of my Facebook page as part of my social media strategy. A lot of you have taught me that there is value in the Facebook page as it has the potential to drive more traffic to your blog.
  • Giveaways - I am looking forward to the first giveaway targeted in the 1st quarter of 2016.

How about you, what are your plans for 2016?

Thanks for reading!

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