10 Ways He Says I Love You


So the hubby and I have been together a loooong time!  In fact, in 2015, we celebrated 20 years of marriage [21 1/2 years together].  We were babies when we made a very adult decision to marry. Yeah...all in all, I say it was a pretty good decision...for me at least.  My other half would have to give you his thoughts; but being that he read the draft of this post and gave it the thumbs up, he'd agree.

In the beginning of our relationship, I struggled with communication.  Be clear, this was more on how I received information...I already had talking and expressing my thoughts covered quite well!  Yeah, when they said, "Men are from Mars..." this was no joke.  We (women and men) communicate so differently [fact].  In our first year of marriage, I really had to understand this and then move towards getting through.

I've been asked, "How have you guys stayed together so long?"  I'm not big on giving advice on what people should(not) do in their relationship.  But what I will say is that at some point, we reach a level of maturity where you allow people to be who they are.  Your options are either to be down or walk away. If you decide to be down, then you make an effort to learn to speak the other's language.  Not to mention, for me I am a strong advocate for - Peace.Of.Mind.

Note: I am not a marriage counselor.  I just know what works for us.

As a couple, we both learned a lot on our own which affected how we navigated our relationship.  I discovered that although it may not be the way I prefer, my husband says, "I Love  You" in many ways and I'm a fan.  Once I really began to identify how he expressed himself, it opened up a whole new view and I began to receive.  And my husband can attest to the saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life."


With that said, this week's Tuesday Ten is a list of: 10 Ways He Says I Love You:

  • Takes Out the Trash
  • Washes my car
  • Fill-up my gas tank
  • Change Oil in my car
  • De-freeze the house [I think that's what it's called]
  • Plans and organizes our yearly trip to the farm
  • Grills in the Summer
  • Tapes [DVR] shows he'd think I like
  • Shares his day
  • Says I Love You

While there are moments in time when conversing with your significant other is required, it is equally important to recognize how he/she expresses their love. For the record, the last two bullets fall into my preferred Love Language.

How are you and your significant other communicating?  Does he/she express themselves similar to the list above?  I'd love to read about...leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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