7 Moments During the Blizzard 2016


If you live on the East coast, notably the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, then you're recovering from the #Blizzard2016.  Digging out approximately 30 inches of snow, today would be the 2nd business day after the storm.  As our muscles continue to heal, the cabin fever quickly faded away.

Through the duration of this storm, what started off as quality family time, quickly turned into my family giving each other space.  LOL!  What I find so interesting, is that on a typical Saturday, I wouldn't have any issues with how we spent our family time.  There is something to say though, when your option to leave the home is restricted by almost 3 feet of snow. Sigh!!!



I'm afraid to ask, my two favorite people, about my behavior during the storm.  While there were more ups than downs, my crankiness has been known to affect the mood.  A list that starts as not so pollyannaish, here are 7 Moments I Experienced During the Blizzard 2016:
  1. Shoveling Snow - I don't like it!  
  2. Cabin Fever - the onset of the psychological feeling of being trapped came on fairly quick.
  3. Snacks - yes, I was in my feelings when the hubby and the kid cycled through my snacks before their own.  When one is stuck in the house and craves her Kettle cooked potato chips only to find that they're gone, watch out!
  4. Snow Blower - the realization of a great investment.  While it doesn't get everything, it reduces the manual labor tremendously.  
  5. Mini Snowman - as my mood shifted, I was able to take time to have a little fun in the snow.  
  6. Shoveling Snow Hack - if you spray olive oil (or canola oil) on a shovel before using it in the snow, it prevents the snow from sticking to the shovel. 
  7. Nice Cup of Warmth - my daughter made us all a cup of hot chocolate.  She really is thoughtful and such a sweetheart!!!  
The storm, with its heavily accumulation of snow, is over.  What's next?  Working through the snow melt, rather the length of time it'll take before it's gone completely?!

If you were impacted by the blizzard, share in a comment below.  I'd love to know how well you did?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. We had a lot of snow in New Jersey, but you guys beat us by an entire foot! That's insane! Awesome trick re: canola oil on the shovel. Sure wish I had seen this last week :) HA! Your snowman is adorable--glad you and the family were able to beat cabin fever and enjoy some time together. XOXO and stopping in today from SITS Sharefest!

    1. It really was a lot of snow...it's the 2nd time I remember it snowing that hard since I've lived here. I didn't pay attention to the other areas on the East coast. I have cousins that live in NY, right next door to you...they reported a little more (close to what we got).

      I'm just happy it's melting and we can get around :-)

      Thank you so much for stopping by...be sure to visit again!


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