Why I'm a Ravens Fan

I've never declared myself as an avid sports fan, let alone having any athletic ability.  You see, I'm that wife that appreciates when the hubby watches Sunday [Monday and Thursday] night football.  Why?  It means that I get to spend girl time with the kid, papercrafts, or blogging.  

However, when it comes to the Ravens, I am a #1 fan.  Huh?  You see, my kid cheers for the Ravens. She's been in the cheer league for going on five years now.  It's an activity she not only enjoys, but takes pride in.  As a Mom, I love that my daughter learns the meaning of teamwork, sisterhood, confidence, and achievement.  It's also pretty awesome when they take home the Cheer Competition Championship for the second year in a row.  During those days she moaned because she didn't want to go to practice, she learned the importance of hard work and how much practice affects performance.

I've never been a cheerleader.  If I'm honest, I had judgement up until the time my daughter started and began to enjoy it.  Over the years, I've learned that I like some of the life lessons it offers:
  • Dance and coordination - 8 counts and rhythm is important for the showmanship.  But the art of memorizing coordination while keeping your mark for stunts is a skill.  Not to mention, practice makes perfect...it keeps everyone safe.
  • Trust - developing friendship and trust is the foundation.  It enables the girls to rely on their teammates and everyone doing their part.
  • Competition - rivalries can push you to be better.  You believe you are capable, you envision it, you give it your all!!!
  • Endurance - despite what some may think, you must have athleticism to cheer.  I challenge anyone to do a cartwheel, round-off, and back-hand spring as part of a 5-7 minute routine while engaging the crowd to say GO. RAVENS. GO.
  • Perseverance - determination and commitment.  Even if you make a mistake in front of the crowd, you push through it and keep going.  Odds are, many may not even notice. 
  • Smile - Have you ever seen a cheerleader frowning during a performance?! I'm always an advocate for smiling, it really changes your mood. Just try it!
  • Can't judge a book by it's cover - I've been guilty of this and have changed my tune.  Yes, the team looks polished and really cute!  They are all of that and more.  These girls are also on the honor roll, have respect for themselves and others, knows the value of teamwork, and are genuinely good hearted people that are future role models and contributors to our society.

As a parent, how fortunate am I to have tangible methods to teach a few of these lessons.  Am I a big sports fan?  No.  Do I love watching the Ravens and cheering them on?  Yes, my daughter's team is awesome and it's fun!  

I'm a proud Mom of a Ravens Cheerleader!  

How about you?  Are you a sports fan?

Thanks for reading!

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