Sticks and Stones...When Words Hurt You

Do you ever have those moments where the power of some one's words affected you?  Recently, I experienced just that…meaning, someone I trust and respect lifted me up with the power of their words!   I remember growing up always hearing, "sticks and stones may break my bones…" [you know the rest].   I've always felt that - that saying was not so true.  Words can and do hurt when that is the person's intention…as well as the opposite.   

I've had the good fortune to have a colleague, who recently returned from a sabbatical, jolt me out of my [what I call] emotional block.  This happened after a conversation she and I had to catch up on all of the changes that have happened in the workplace since she's been gone over the past 3-4 years. Long story short, she and I successfully worked together over a decade.  So, it was believable when she reminded me of my skill set, experience, and value I bring to our organization.  Quite frankly, I'd began to forget and got so wrapped up in being "stuck"…ya'know?!  

Anyway, it was evident that she was suppose to be in my path that day and was what I needed to re-awaken ME.  That was enough to cause me to take action on one thing that I have held off doing for a long while (too long).  As a result, I feel encouraged and empowered.  #iFeelGood

I remember hearing a mentor say once that words can have the power to not only affect you, but 'infect' you as well…that certainly holds true positively or negatively.  How true was that for me to experience that on both ends of the spectrum.  #lessonlearnedagain

Can you relate?

Thanks for reading!

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