3 Things I Want to Accomplish in Life


Throughout the duration of our complex journey of getting the kid into our world, I've learned that all I've ever wanted was to be happy.  When challenged to define happiness, the picture below sums it up. In that moment of time, my thoughts: Education | Companionship | Motherhood.  In fact, that was the name of the scrapbook page I put together using this picture.  All I ever thought I wanted and needed to accomplish in my life.  This was my happy!



A college education has afforded me a very good career in Corporate America, specifically in Information Technology.  I learned how to navigate within Corporate America, about business, and believe it or not, much about politics. All feeding into the art of networking as well as the care/feeding of business relationships.  If I'm 100% honest, financial gain held as much importance, I mean after all, I like taking nice vacations!


One of my best friends always credits herself for partnering my husband and me.  Although, I always credit God for our union.  Why?  Well, only He would provide me a moment of clarity to Chose. The. Right. Guy.  Over the past two decades, I've learned the art of negotiation, compromise, and staying true to my core especially during times of evolution.  I've changed more than a dozen times in my relationship. This is certainly normal, because as we mature there's definitely growth.  But, how about the fact I'm still able to find my 'why' with him.  Not to mention, it's matured into more than, "...because I love him."  To love with a healed heart is fruitful.


The experience of bringing a baby to term, in short, has been difficult for us. However, the joy that followed when I finally held the little one in my arms, quickly surpassed any other emotion.  As a Mom, one of the very first lessons you learn is that it is no longer about you.  While this felt a little familiar once I entered into marriage, motherhood takes this to an entire different level. Unconditional love, courage and strength to be a good example, and navigating a little person through the world have been the most significant changes I've felt as a Mom.  It's challenging, it's rewarding, and it's fun.


There are many things I can think of that make me happy.  Having an education, companionship, and motherhood have been my top 3.  How about you?  What makes you happy?

Thanks for reading!

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