SWAV: Karen Hunter

Karen Hunter is the next individual highlighted in the SWAV series.

Who is Karen Hunter?
Karen Hunter is an active leader and voice in our community.  As a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and CEO of Karen Hunter Books (imprint with Simon & Schuster), Karen has certainly created a space in this industry co-authoring multiple New York Times Best seller books.  A New Jersey native and Drew University graduate, not only is Karen a full time professor at Hunter College, she hosts her own radio show on SiriusXM's Urban View M-F, 3p-6p EST.

What is Karen Hunter's charge?
Cited from her website, Karen's mission includes, "transforming your world through the power of words..."  While this is the moniker of her business [Karen Hunter Books], this is equally applicable when it comes to her radio show. Making us think, making us feel, and sparking debate, Karen has a plan for change in community, country and your life. 

Where can I find out more about Karen Hunter

Visit here: 

Why does Karen Hunter inspire me?
"Good afternoon, welcome to the Karen Hunter Show; the hottest show in the galaxy!" is the opening line and greeting from The Karen Hunter Show.  Her powerful voice entered into my consciousness during her 30 day trial on SiriusXM.  More than two years later, The Karen Hunter Show is a staple on the Urban View and Insight channels.  The significance of the message delivered by her show has re-shaped my view in the power I hold to make change.  On some level, I feel like she is my spirit twin.  

Karen Hunter is more than a radio personality.  I find myself in agreement with her view on strengthening our community, especially our efforts with educating our children in technology.  She uses her platform to serve as a vital role for the well-being of the global majority. Karen Hunter inspires me because she represents the significance of our community which benefits the individual, the community itself and ultimately our society overall.  Karen Hunter is a powerhouse invoking [and provoking] change.  

Karen Hunter is a Sistah With A Vision...so SWAV!

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