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simon-says-stamp-set- prayers-sympathy-card

This was a tough week...

Before I delve into why I had such a tough week, I thought I'd share a handmade card I made for a coworker.  While I love the art of card making, sympathy cards often shifts my spirit.  However, the smile that's received when a friend or loved one opens the card makes up for it.

What I used:
  • White card stock (100 lb. weight)
  • Distressed ink (any color...for this card I used Tim Holtz Tea Dye)
  • Ink applicator
  • Simon Says Stamp Prayers stamp set
  • Wink of Stella (clear)
  • Glossy Accents
  • Prima Stencil
  • Paper Trimmer
  • A2 size
simon-says-stamp-set- prayers-sympathy-card

Recently, my daughter was emotionally upset after hearing an adult very close to her make a comment about death.  As a Mom, all I wanted to do was to protect her view of the world...especially when it involves the thought of her experiencing the loss of someone she loves.  BUT, we do not always have control over other people and what comes out of their mouthes...sigh!  So, yeah, I was forced to have this type of conversation with my daughter earlier than I would've liked.  

The days where my kid sees the world as rainbows and unicorns is beginning to fade.  Not that she'll have to enter into a world of darkness and upset, but having the realization that life has a finite amount of time - can have an affect on even the youngest mind.  Shifting into a more mature view of life is the toughest task for all of us.  

I've always chosen to share and show my kid faith and the strength it brings.  I also have made it a point to answer her questions openly and honestly.  I AM that Mom that really shares information and facts.  It's uncomfortable, but so what!  I've mastered the art of saying it and sitting in the silence until the next question comes (because it always does).  I've never believed in code names for body parts...nope!  Nor do I pretend that life is always grand...it doesn't always work the way we'd like; and it'll serve my kid well if she comprehends that early on.  Sh*t happens!!!  It's what we do afterwards that makes all the difference.

When I read through all of my parenting books, I accepted that I will (and have) to be uncomfortable at times.  When we spoke about death, yes it was hard...but yes, I answered the questions she asked (ex. Will I die? What happens when you die?).  I chose not to focus the entire conversation on loss.  I also used this opportunity to remind her of the importance of trying to live our best life; as well as creating great memories that we can hold in our hearts forever.  

While I was also able to feed into the conversation of love - both giving it and embracing it, this was an experience for me and more of the serious conversations we have with our children.  I think I did ok.

Yeah, as a Mom, this was a tough week...

Have you talked to your kid about death? 

simon-says-stamp-set- prayers-sympathy-card

Thanks for reading!

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