Looking Back to Move Forward ... A Reflective Pause

Hi you guys! I hope all is well…

I’m taking a moment in looking back in an effort to move forward. What do I mean? Well, when I look back over my blog life, I’ve discovered my many strengths, value, and repeated themes I’ve shared here at Chatter Out Loud. I’m now at a point where I’m really starting to translate my experiences into profit, which I think is a blogging goal for many of us in this space.

My experiences I’ve shared over the past few years have always had a narrative of lifestyle / motherhood / parenting tinged with crafts (specifically card making and scrapbooking). Now, I would like to demonstrate the benefits I can bring as a Mom and a crafter.

In the past 6 months, I’ve enlisted the help from women who are far more experienced in their blogging – business journey. In surrounding myself with this type of company, I feel I’ve finally tapped into an accurate read on my true interests / talents as a blogger. This is SO exciting!!!

I feel so empowered you guys! I’m ready to present myself well and more authentic in sharing my journey in motherhood, coupled with creative card making. Have you noticed my keywords thus far?!

As I take a reflective pause here at Chatter Out Loud, I’ll be looking back to move forward. Since I’ve reached a point where I’m grey about what I’d like this blog to say and what I’d like to give to YOU (my loyal readers), I’m going to wipe the slate clean and rebuild.


As scary as this experience is, I’ve determined that sometimes there is a need to just start over. Yeah, it comes with risk, but I think it’s worth it as when I return – it’ll be THAT.MUCH.BETTER. It’ll help me to meet my chatter with truth [pun intended].

So yeah, I’m going to take a few weeks to take a more intimate look at my blog in its original format and turn things around a bit (well, it’s more than a ‘bit’). For sure, I know that my new blog will continue to capture more of the authentic ‘Me’, but my strategy this time will be a little more succinct in an effort to offer YOU more quality content.

I [ask you to and] hope you will follow me on this journey. I’ll most certainly return here (Chatter Out Loud) to give more details about my new blog.  In the interim, there is plenty of content to catch up on right here...so browse around and take a read!

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We find our story through our experiences. My outlet has been to frame my story’s value in this blogosphere with the intention to share, connect, and relate to all of you whom share in these same experiences. For me, that’s defined at the intersection of Motherhood and card making [wink-wink].

More to come…stay tuned!!!

Thanks for reading!

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