I Moved!!!


Hello!!! I'm Danielle and sending a BIG hello and welcome to my blog [Parenting and Papercrafts™].  This is a blog where motherhood and card making intersect. Simply, I write about some of my experiences as a mom and I share pictures of cards I make. I did a lil' of that on my old blog, which generated my idea. I think if I were to pay a professional to assess my attempt on this move I've made, I'm doing what's called 're-branding' ... including moving to a new blogging platform. There are kinks to work out, but please do not let it stop you from enjoying the content from my earlier years. This is a fun, crafty, creative, friendly blog and comments are most welcome. To learn more about me, please visit my About Me page.

Thank you for stopping by ... please take a look, read a few posts, and visit again soon!!! 

P.S. - Let’s stay connected!  If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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