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Meet Danielle

Helloooo! Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere…I appreciate your presence! My name is Danielle and that is me in the pic above having [what I believe is] a good hair day! It only took about 12-15 attempts to get the perfect selfie, but I was able to finally capture a picture I was willing to share with you. What do you think [rhetorical]?

I am an African American woman, Owner and Creative Director of DiiB Michaels LLC.  It is the home of Roar and Chatter® Party & Play, as well as here at Chatter Out Loud®.  I was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY and through life's experiences and travel; I now reside in the DC Metro area. Professionally, I am a Solutions Architect for one of the largest financial institutions. The title is pretty fancy to my kid, so I love using it. But for the rest of us, it’s a sophisticated way of describing someone who is overall the leader of a development team throughout a system development life cycle.  I also have a creative side that lends itself to my scrapbooking, card making, and freelance writing. I love journaling my thoughts, which is how my blog first evolved. 

Meet Hubby

I'm with a really good guy who knows me best. His name is Greg, affectionately known as “hubby” or “bae”. He’s such a sweet heart and pretty cute! I not only love him, but I still like him after two decades of marriage. We have a pretty solid partnership. Here, I share a little of why I like being married.

Meet the Kid

I'm the mother of this smart and beautiful little girl. Her name is Desirae. You can learn more about the kid’s story here. She most certainly brings me joy and keeps me busy everyday. We’ve recently reached double digits in age and I talk a little about it here. Needless to say, I’m enjoying watching her grow and look forward to what’s next.

The Blog

As a digital influencer and content creator for Chatter Out Loud®, I am passionate about writing and have a point of view as a working Mom.  I provide content that inspire and connect with Moms, as we strive to balance and juggle it all in our journey through Motherhood. 

What does that mean exactly?  When I think of Roar I equate it to the excitable, the rough, the upset, where as Chatter would be more of the calm, tranquil, and soothing moments. Both are ever present in my world as wife, Mom, and working professional. Both are necessary for that magical word we call 'balance' ... and I share it all with you here.  Check out some of my top posts in 2015:

Partner With Me

I blog about motherhood, marriage, being a working professional, and an entrepreneur.  If your brand falls into any of those categories, I'd be interested in a collaboration.  I'm open to sponsored opportunities, reviews and giveaways. For more information, please contact me at danielle@chatteroutloud.com.

Take a read, explore and enjoy the Roar and Chatter® of my life out loud!  I thank you in advance for taking the time to check it out. Don’t be a stranger, please visit again!

Thanks for reading!

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