Heart's Desire

One of my roles I serve is as a proud Mommy.  After almost five months on bed-rest, weekly visits to the doctor, and moving a mini-fridge/microwave into our master bedroom, we were successful in our mission.  What a journey my husband and I have gone on to reach that chilly Fall morning, around 12:23a, to transition our little girl into the world.  She was indeed the desire of our heart...so, it was only befitting to name her Desirae.

Parenting has been humbling, challenging (at times), rewarding, and fun!  Our daughter is a beautiful spirit, and has really shown me the meaning of loving unconditionally.  I love being her mother; and as a proud Mom, I'm using this page to dote [a little] and share those short stories that I'm sure every Mother (parent) has experienced.  I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share comments, thoughts, and feedback.  It’s very much appreciated!

Let's take a look at my Heart's Desire:

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