In 2003, I formed my sister circle called SWAV, an acronym for Sistahs With A Vision. Our group started off as a network of girlfriends loving, supporting and encouraging one another to live our best life. Our gatherings not only encompassed dialogue on current events, books, and social events, but tips and shared experiences as mothers, wives, girlfriends, professionals, and of course sistahs.

Over the years, as with most of us, my vision has broadened. In my evolution, I now have this blog and wanted to use a page to highlight Sistahs and Soldiers With A Vision. This would reflect women and men whose work change lives. Each person reflected is someone I respect, I find inspiring, and who motivates me to live my best life - through service, mentoring, fulfilling my goals, and overall, being the best me God intended me to be. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share comments, thoughts, and feedback. It’s very much appreciated!

Let's take a look at who is so SWAV:

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